INFINITE CCR - Tec Dive Sharm? CCR Dive Sharm? We provide, quite simply, the best CCR and Tec Diving that Egypt has to offer. Here in Sharm El Sheikh - using the  facilities of the World Renowned Red Sea Diving College - you can expect an unparalleled Tec and CCR diving experience.

Infinite CCR is a friendly team of highly experienced tec instructors from around the World who share a passion for CCR diving and the endless opportunities made available by using Closed Circuit  Rebreathers. The Team consists of Advanced Trimix CCR Instructors utilising some of the best CCRs on the market today. Unlike many facilities, whose instructors only sometimes teach technical, we live, eat and breathe technical diving - this is our day job!


As well as providing exceptional guiding services, including support for expedition diving, we teach CCR and Technical Diving in Sharm El  Sheikh - one of the World's best diving locations.

We deliver Tec Diver training on most types of CCR, Sidemount Diving, Open Circuit Technical Diving, Advanced Wreck  Diving and Cavern and Cave Diving.

If it's Tec diving Sharm or rebreather diving Sharm - it's Infinite CCR!


Infinite CCR's team of Rebreather Instructors share a common passion - a love for Technical Diving and a zest for sharing the underwater world with you. We guarantee that your trip to Sharm El Sheikh will be a holiday to remember. Arrive as a client - leave as a friend



We can confidently state that we have more Rebreathers at our centre than any other facility in Sharm. With this selection comes a huge benefit - you can try whatever rebreather you like - and cross-over onto new and exciting machines as they come onto the market


Experience the Difference!

Our mission is to partner you with an expert in their field - whether it is a particular type of rebreather, diving style or type of equipment configuration. There are no 'Jack-Of-All-Trades' here - but as a team, we cover ALL the bases!


Go Safari

We're teamed up with luxury liveaboard VIP One - so we can easily arrange technical safaris for individuals or groups


We're proud to support the following rebreather manufacturers:

We carefully select dive equipment from the following manufacturers: